About Us

Angelica_White_WitchAngelica - White Witch Expert

My name is Angelica. I am a White Witch and have been given this gift in line with my family and my ancestors with no breaks in between. I am of Indian decent and come from Guyana. I have been a practising witch for over 15 years.  I use my own tools and methods, and  also use my psychic perception and connect with the spirits combined with mediation to get accurate readings and situations of my clients.  I have changed many people's lives, whatever the problem. Money, love, career, or something more complicated. 

My spells and psychic readings have a 100% success rate and my clients have now become my friends. I work on a one to one basis with my clients which means that I don’t stop working with them until they have reached their required goal.

love_spell_expertStephania - Our in house Love Spell Expert

Stephania has been with us for many years first as a consultant spell expert but then after a couple of years she joined us permanently. She is responsible for helping love bloom for thousands of clients from all over the world. Her insight in to situations is spooky to say the least and never fails to get incredible results for all of her clients. Even though she is proficient with many magical methods she uses White Magic and sometimes a little grey magic to get perfect results. There is literally no love situation which she can't turn around.

white_witch_founder of Moonwhisper UKMelinda - White Witch Expert and founder member of Moonwhisper UK

Melinda, White Witch, casts White Magic and White and Grey Magic. Her family are all from a White Witch covern and have all inherited this gift. Her magic has been carefully taught and nurtured and she is one of the best White Witches in the field of spell casting. Spells, materials and rituals have all been bound and documented going back to the 16th century. She has taken the statutory oath of secrecy where  no secrets can be divulged and can only be used to help others. She combines White Magic with spiritual interaction and uses the spirit world as a guide to help her and you to bring you the results you are looking for.

higher_magicCassandra - High Priestess - Higher Magic

Cassandra, High Priestess of Auldearne Coven. She is the Great Mistress of High Magic. This coven has been in existence since 1662 and is still thriving. She is known for her instincts, supernatural secret knowledge and because of this she holds the key to unlock all situations. She works within her coven and never reveals her magic or resources. Due to the fact that she works within a coven she gets excellent results.


black_magic_expertHigh Priest Shaman - Black Magic Expert

Shaman, High Priest of Black Magic who's name originates from the word medicine man. He works solely with the Dark Arts. He leaves no stone unturned and uses his powers of perception to conjure up results where others have failed. Black magic is often linked to revenge and justice and hurtful practices. This is a myth and if used correctly is extremely powerful but in harmony with the earth using the moon, earth, energies and entities to conjure up desired results. The difference between White and Black Magic is White channels through the sun and day and Black channels through the moon and night but brings on drastic results very quickly. Always use a reputable caster as this magic can't be messed about with.

High Priest Shaman is currently on a pilgrimage


voodoo_masterVoodoo Master Kwamena - Voodoo Expert

Voodoo Master Kwamena. He was brought up in Ghana and learnt the ancient art of Voodoo from an early age and has never looked back and has been practicing now for over 35 years. His magic is based on his potions that he makes which work with all situations. Love, Relationships, Wealth, Health, Happiness, Removal of Hexes and Curses. Removing evil spirits and much more.

All Spell casters on this page have an excellent reputation and are the best in their field.

All experts are members of the Witchcraft Association Witchcraft Association

Stephania Serena was born in Italy and moved to America with her family when she was very young. Her mother is American Indian and her father was Italian. From an early age she discouvered her gift and used to play party tricks with her friends by telling them what they would be doing the next day. Her psychic insight was so strong she was never wrong. Even with this gift Stephania has spent many years studinging spirituality and all things related so she can make the utmost of her gift to help others.


Stephania works as a psychic medium for missing persons. She feels that because her role in missing persons is so heartbreaking she balances the other side of her gift with spell casting for love only and spreading the gift of love on to others. Professionalspellcasting .com is overjoyed to have Stephania on board and to be able to offer such wonderful spells to others.