profesional_spell_casting_expertsMoonwhisper Love Spells

Here you can select a perfect love spell with your choice of spell caster and magical method of White Magic, Higher Magic, Voodoo and Black Magic.

Casters available for these spells are Melinda - whitewitch, Cassandra - High Priestess and Voodoo Master Kwamena. Black Magic Spells are only available for the Break Up Spell and Binding Love Spell.


1.Turn Your Friend Into Your Lover

Do you wish that your friend could be your lover? Have you started feeling differently about your friend? Does he/she have any idea? This is an excellent spell if you want to go further and start a wonderful meaningful relationship. You've heard that expression, 'your lover is your best friend', so go for it! 

Turn Your Friend Into Your Lover


2.Get Him/Her To Notice You

Do you have your eyes on someone? Are you frustrated that they are not noticing you? This spell takes your attraction for the other person and sends a mixture of white and grey magic and vibrations to them which will conjure up a powerful energy alluring them to you.

Get Him/Her To Notice You


3.Spell For Ever Lasting Love

When you find yourself in a relationship which is so beautiful and wonderful you obviously want it to last forever where nothing can get in your way. This is the spell for you. It creates a circle of power which inter-twines your combined feelings and seals them with a powerful and permanent love. It also ensures your path of happiness and stops anything getting in your way.

Spell For Everlasting Love


4.Eternally Faithful

Whether you are in a relationship where your partner has strayed or you are in a relationship that you want to last this spell does exactly what the title suggests. It binds the one you want to stay eternally faithful forever. This spell has been known to secure many relationships and has had extremely successful results.

Eternally Faithful


5.Get Him/Her To Call You

A new love, a lost love, a tiff? Get him/her to call you. Once cast, you will receive the call you want and you can manipulate whatever events you want from that call. This spell is based on the vibrations you have about the other person. They can't resist the magic of this spell.


Get Him/Her To Call You


6.Obsessive Thoughts

This spell will make anyone you want completely crazy about you. They will be thinking about you 24/7 and won't be able to control their feelings. The end result will be like playing with putty in your hands. You will be able to do anything with that person!

Obsessive Thoughts


7.Restore Love To How It Was At The Beginning

Sometimes when you have been with someone for a while things start to get stale. We get used to that person. Normal life stresses get in the way and we often take the other person for-granted or vice versa. Before it's too late this spell can get your love back to how it was with those tender feelings and attention that drove you both together in the first place.

Restore Love To How It Was At The Beginning


8.Reuniting Spell

Would you like your lover back? Did he leave you or you leave him? Whatever the turn of events you can get him/her back. This spell manipulates time-lines to restore the balance you had between you both when you were together. If you want him/her back, this is the spell for you.

Reuniting Spell


9.Break Up Spell

Whatever has happened, whether you want to break up with someone or you want to break someone else up. This is a nifty little spell that puts a magical barrier between the people you want to part. They will part on good terms so no harm will be done and then it's up to you what you would like to happen next. 

Break Up Spell


10.Turn Your Soulmate Into Your Lover

Ahhh, your soulmate!  The one you so much rely on in life. The one who knows you best. You laugh together when you are thinking the same things. You can cry on eachother's shoulders when things are difficult and sad. You are lost without eachother. This spell pushes you together with an ease. As you are both connected so beautifully the energies and vibrations you generate between you both meet and combine as one. You will experience a wonderful feeling that you have never felt before of having your soulmate as your lover.

Turn Your Soulmate Into Your Lover


11.Restore Your Problems To Strengthen Your Love

When problems happen in a relationship we can become bitter, mis-understood and unhappy. This spell basically rights all wrongs to move to a better understanding of eachother and it also fixes problems that will make your relationship stronger and more secure. When you both realise that your love can cope with anything you will never look back.

Restore Your Problems To Strengthen Your Love


12.Marriage Proposal

When you feel that marriage is the next step in your life, it really is. We know that it's the path we want to take. Sometimes it's our partner that doesn't seem to want to commit or we don't have a partner but feel it is time to get married and we want to meet that person. This spell will move you to your chosen path of marriage and other wonderful things that will be in store for you.

Marriage Proposal


13.Date Spell

This spell will ensure that you will be asked out on a date. It could be someone new or someone you have your eyes on. Whomever it is, you will be out on that date having fun, excitement and whatever else you wish to happen.

Date Spell


14.Mend A Broken Heart

When you feel desperate and there is no where else to turn and no one else to talk to this spell is definitely for you. It removes all the pain where you can move on without remembering whatever it was that hurt so much. This spell also opens future opportunities of happiness that may change your life!

Mend A Broken Heart


15.Binding Love Spell

This spell is for those who feel they are on rocky ground with their partners and they want to bind their love before something happens to ensure they will stay together for however long they want. This is a powerful magical spell that really binds two souls together so that two minds almost change to one. If you buy this spell please have in mind that if you want to part from this person you will have to have another spell cast to undo the binding.

Binding Love Spell

All spells are fully customised to your own situations. Once you have purchased the spell please email with your full name, date of birth, place of birth and time if known. If possible also give any names and details of the other people involved.  Please also tell your chosen caster what you want to achieve so that they can make sure that your casting is a powerful as possible ensuring you the best possible results. Your caster will let you know when the spell ritual will be cast and what to expect.