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Witchcraft and Spell Scams 26/08/2008

Beware of Witchcraft and spell scams as they are cropping up more and more.  I have had in the last month many clients complaining that they have lost considerable sums of money with spells they have purchased. Further more when trying to contact the person who cast the spell they either get no response or the page can't be displayed.

When ordering spells make sure that the price isn't extreme as there is no need to charge a huge price for spells if you are legitimate. Many spell casters also offer a money back guarantee. This I find extremely hard to believe as the actual casting and materials used are purchased by the spell caster and would be very costly to refund. If they are real there is no need to offer such guarantees as their spells work.

Make sure initial contact is made and they are willing to answer your questions before you purchase anything. Once you are fully satisfied then go ahead.

If you type in spell scams into the major search engines you will find articles to guide you. Please take care and protect yourselves.



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