Spell Casting Scams

Spell Casting Scam Help


Every day I get emails from people who have spent hundreds and even thousands to spell casters on the internet. They have been taken advantage of in a very mean and cruel way because spell casters reach out to their desperation.  These spell casting scam artists prey on the weak and sensitive and don't care how much money they ask for.


Here are some ways to make sure you are getting a legitimate, genuine and authentic spell casting service.


1. Ask questions. Email and see how you are responded to.  A one line answer is not a good sign and you will be able to tell that this caster is not sympathetic  or compassionate which is very important. Make sure you feel comfortable with the answers you receive and you feel a connection between you and the spell caster.


2. No spell should cost under $30 or over $200.00 unless you are requesting something special that you are willing to pay for.  A good spell caster will charge a minimal price for casting and give you a breakdown of charges including how much the spell casting materials cost.


3. Never buy from a website that doesn't openly publish prices. There are a few spell casting websites that offer Black Magic and Voodoo Spells which don’t specify a price. A few of my clients have told me that the spells quoted were in the thousands! Stay away, they are not real. The spell casters will tell you that they are expensive because they work but believe me they don’t. When they fail the caster will tell you to purchase another spell as you need something stronger ending up out of pocket in the thousands with no results.


4. Always ask what happens if a spell doesn't work. All re-castings should be free and you should not be asked to pay more money. Good spell casting sites offer a guarantee service. Occasionally a spell boost is all you need and should be included in your original cost covered by guarantee.



5. Always do a search engine check. Type in the name of the caster and the word scam next to it and see what comes up.



6. Lastly you should feel comfortable with your rapport between you both and he/she should be friendly. If you are still not sure, don't buy!